An Earned Benefit for our Veterans
The Aids and Attendance Benefit

The Veteran and Attendance Benefit is either a little known or understood benefit that is available to any veteran or spouse who
meets these basic requirements and their components.  They are:

  1. Military Service
  2. Medical Need 
  3. Meet Income and Asset guidelines

​To help understand this benefit, watch this report.  Go to

A Certified Senior Care Manager from Anchored at Home (AAH) can

  1. Verify initial eligibility
  2. Assist with the paperwork and
  3. Setup and schedule in-home assistance

Anchored at Home provides the list of required documents which the veteran must complete. These documents are meticulously
reviewed and then submitted to the Veteran Administration by Care Planning Institute.  

We go beyond the application completion and submission. Since we work on an individual and personal approach and remain current on the guidelines and requirements, we can comfortably guarantee an approval for this benefit when all VA elements are met.  Also, during
this approval time period, the veteran can receive private in home care, at no out of pocket cost .

Once the Aid and Attendance Benefit has been approved, there will be scheduled, on-going and required reporting from the Veteran Administration.  With the assistance of the veteran, we monitor and respond to each request to assure continued compliancy.

Call AAH today to learn more and to schedule a free assessment.  Our success rate is 100% due to the meticulous handling of
the initial application.  We know that any denial results in a one year wait to reapply.  This delay could be a burden for the veteran,
veteran's spouse and the family.

CALL (877) ANCHR11  ( (877) 262 4711 

*AAH is not an affliate of the Veterans Administration